Midnight sun salsa

The Midnight Sun Salsa is the first ever salsacongress held in Iceland, May 25th-May 28th. The 2017 Nordic Salsa Championships team up with the Berlin Salsa Congress and offer all student teams a spot in a salsa/bachata performance competition at the Midnight Sun Salsa Festival.

The name of the competition: “Nordic Stargate Championships”. It is open for couples and teams, performing salsa or bachata.

The winning team or couple will earn the title of “Nordic Champions” as well as “Nordic Stargate Champions”. By winning they automatically advance to the semifinals at the World Championships held at the Hong Kong Salsa Festival. and have a spot on the BSC main floor that same year. Our aim is to offer an amazing show - so the Salsa Iceland family will do it's best to offer FREE accomodation for all the teams privately.

The Midnight Sun Salsa event will be a three-day event filled with energetic social dancing on two floors (kizomba/bachata and salsa) to music mixed by DJ Sezar. Saturday May 27th we offer a superb show in the form of the Nordic Salsa Championships. In addition to this, we pack high quality workshops with the unique opportunity to check out our beautiful country or simply relax and maybe visit one of Reykjaviks many outdoor warm pools. We do encourage our international guests to experience Iceland and therefore leave room in the program to go sightseeing / discovering Iceland. We will assist you in finding the perfect package combining dancing with snorkling, horseback riding, visiting glaciers / blue lagoon or just leizuring around and relaxing in natural hot springs.

For more information about the event and competition check out the official website: www.midnightsunsalsa.com , or find us on facebook under "Nordic Salsa Championships" og "Midnight Sun Salsa".